Octopus or The Kraken

Thanks to the suggestions and intuitions of a bunch of people very active in this chat (John, Aaron, Jonas, Adam and a lot more ) - to whom I send all my gratitude and appreciation for their great skills and for their generous sharing attitude! - I have built this “little beast” that allows the EU cultural network I work for (EJN www.europejazz.net) to create live streaming contents with live concert feeds coming from different EJN members’ venue locations. Using 1 Corsair power supply for: 2 netgear switchers, 1 Gl-inet router, 1 Atem mini extreme, 2 Stream Decks, 6 Raspberry Pis, 4 Atem streaming bridges, 4 Noctua fans, 1 monitor Seetec. And we also have the possibility to add 8 additional devices - using the same power supply - such as for example 4 additional feel world 7’ monitors, 4 sdi-hdmi converters, everything in one rack (hosted inside a pelican 4U case) , everything already wired, everything ready to use (bootstrap time 65 seconds). Software used: H2R graphic, nginx for rtmp, Companion Bitfocus, omxplayer, Wireguard, Playoutbee, Mixeffect, Liveskills and a bunch of shell scripts to reboot, shutdown, upgrade, temperature checking, cpu & mem usage checking, etc for all the raspberry pis. Thank you again!!


I’ve said it elsewhere, that build is gorgeous. Great that it lifts out of the case to minimize heating issues and provide access.

Where does the latte come out? :grinning: