[No-Stream] Live Setup for youth summer camp

Here are some quick snapshots of my video setup I used in March during a 6-day summer camp for young people. There was no live stream but it was much more than just simple lyrics projection, so it might be interesting for someone.
We used 3 projectors in total to cover the back wall of the room with jungle-themed graphics, song lyrics, graphics and videos, game scoreboards, live video from a wireless camera, live video from a greenscreen and many other things.
It took us several attempts to work out the best signal paths and distribution network, as we wanted to be very flexible during the show.

Some technical details of the equipment used:

  • Blackmagic ATEM Production Studio 4k
  • Skaarhoj Hardware Remote Control for Atem
  • vMix HD on two laptops for main projections
  • SongBeamer lyrics software, also used for stage commands
  • 2x Panasonic GH5 as main cameras
  • Cinegears Ghost-Eye 150M wireless video transmission
  • Elgato Stream Deck for vMix control
  • DIY projector shutters, controlled by DMX, to be able to do a “full-black”

Feel free to ask for any details!
Greetings from Germany :smiley:


That’s quite the setup! Were you recording anything or was it an entirely in-room live production?

No, we did not record anything. Everything was played out live via the projectors. But of course, it would just be a matter of hitting the “Stream” Button in vMix :grin: