No HDMI out

Noob question here. Just unboxed and setup my ATEM Mini. I cannot see anything going out. The HDMI Out is a black screen. Where do I go from here?

If I go directly from my camera HDMI out to a TV, I see a picture. But when I go camera out to ATEM Mini then ATEM Mini HDMI out to that same TV, I see a black screen.

I’ve tried color bars out, media out, another HDMI in. Nothing.

Suggestions, please?

Could it be the monitor cannot view the frame rate? I have a cheap one that only accepts 60fps, with the Atem set to output anything else I also see a blank screen. Click on the cog in Atem Software control to change the frame rate output.

That was it, sort of. I swapped out monitors and it works as expected. Thank you.

The monitor I want to use is a small TV 720p. The ATEM mini can handle 720p IN but is there no way to get it to push 720p OUT?

If someone could tell me how or tell me it is impossible, I’d be grateful.

The Atem mini can only output 1080. The only way I know to get 720 is to add a web presenter box into your rig which might not be worth it, may be cheaper to get a new monitor.

Thank you, @tim_hughes. I’m buying a new monitor. Just under $100. Not that I wanted to spend any more money, but it’s probably for the best.