Newbie needs major help

I am very very new to streaming and have no coding knowledge outside of CSS and HTML.

I have an ATEM Mini Pro, an Elgato Stream Deck and 3 PTZOptics Cameras. I want to control everything using Companion software. So here’s my quazicomplicated question:

I want to create macros that will allow me to shift from camera to camera (using a fade transition). I would like for each camera to have a variety of preset positions and zoom magnifications. I would like to have the ability to show lower thirds graphics and/or a custom picture-in-picture size overlay. Is this even doable? Is so, would I have to first build macros in the ATEM and create presets in the PTZOptics app. Since both the ATEM and PTZOptics work within the Compacion app can both be activated with the same button press?

So here’s how it would work. I’m teaching a painting workshop using Zoom. Camera one shows my face and also pulls back to show me at my easel. Camera two would show my painting in different degrees of close-ups depending on what part of the painting I’m working on. Sometimes I want to have a still photo of my model in the upper corner. If I’m talking I want a picture-in-picture of my face In the lower corner (in a custom size). Camera three shows Different areas of my palette as I mix my colors. Lastly, if I reference a quote, I would like a graphic of that quote overlaying the screen.

Again, this is all new to me and please assume I know nothing about how to make it work. Nor do I know whether or not it will work. It’s a grandiose plan. Any thoughts or insights would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.

This is a great video to get you controlling the PTZ with stream deck.

You are essentially looking at setting up scenes for each of your elements. Presets if you will. The YT vid has a bit on that also. Go through all of that and see where you get to.

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Thank you for responding. So you’re saying that what I am trying to do is possible?