Network for livestream support over multiple locations?

I’m new to livestreaming, driven by corona canceling live events and livestreaming being next best option. It’s been a fast learning curve, helped by Aaron’s tips thank you so much for that.

Recently I’m getting inquiries to support livestreaming events taking place over several geographic locations. For these I’m able to support the host location and coach other contributors to get the best out of whatever kit they are using. So here is the question, given that we can’t travel for the foreseeable, is anyone interested in developing a network of contacts to be able to provide multi-location support?

Hi @tim_hughes, I am in Sydney Australia. I am a professional broadcast TV cameraman with 20 years shooting experience and now live streaming gear too. So if you need any help down here in Aus just let me know.

Thank you,

Hi Tim, many thanks! I’m based in Zurich and Sydney is definitely an interesting location for the global organizations who also operate here.

Anyone else? London would be great as I have something coming up there in a few weeks’ time which may well need support. Planning meeting for that is next week.

Hey @tim_hughes ! Thats a great idea! Feel free to contact me for inquiries in Germany :de:


Hi Tim, please let me know if you’ll need any help around London.

I’m interested from Croatia.