Need Advice & Possibly Hire Someone

Hey guys, here is exactly what I WANT to do, but I don’t have any idea HOW to do it. But I’ve watched lots of your guys videos so I figured, hey, maybe they can point me in right direction. So here is exactly what I have wrote down. I can’t figure out best way to stream 24/7, should I just buy a 2nd PC to leave running all day or what? I have all the gear I could possibly need, but no idea how to make this happen. Please read below and please ask questions and hopefully I can figure out how to accomplish this dream of mine. Thank you… P.S. I’m 40 now and had never been involved with streaming or stuff, but trying to learn now. Even if I need to pay for an hour of consulting with the creators of this forum I will see if I can afford that. Because I definitely need to figure out how to accomplish this best way.

Here we go…

I want to use Vmix on a virtual machine with Windows and Google chrome. I will stream tradingview dot com charts 24/7. But then whenever I choose, I want to be able to join that stream from my office location in USA and be down in the corner of the stream. That way they can see me and see my charts at the same time.

So I can see me needing stream labs or stream elements whichever youl think is better and Vmix for alerts and stuff.

Also, I would prefer the windows machine cloud server be located in different country. It may need to have a GPU, I’m not sure.

As far as the machine I will stream from in the USA, it has plenty of power and graphics card, But remember, it will only be 5 to 7 times a week that I want to JOIN the 24/7 stream that is being ran on the cloud server.

  1. Need someone who can setup twitch and youtube stream & alerts with vmix and streamlabs.
  2. Need someone who knows about windows machine on cloud server that includes GPU (unless it will work without GPU).
  3. Hopefully can help setup buttons for StreamDeck as well for customer alerts while streaming.
  4. Or should I just buy a 2nd PC that streams from my office 24/.7 and then join that stream with my other office PC when I want to be on camera?

Twitch, Youtube and Vmix.