My woodturning studio setup

I am a woodturner and I do a lot of demonstration. One of the newest ways is by interactive remote demonstration via Zoom. My main camera is a Panasonic Lumix G85, then overhead is a Sony Camcorder on a ceiling mounted motorized slider, camera 3 is an iPhone 6 on a swing arm and if I need a forth camera I have a small knock-off sports action camera. They all run into my ATEM mini, then to my laptop. I run the Companion software to run ATEM macros on the StreamDeck.
If I live stream then I use vMix.


wow this is quite an impressive setup!

I would be super nervous about having all these cameras and computers around that much sawdust and heavy machinery! I do see that you’ve wrapped the ATEM Mini in plastic, very clever!

Thanks Aaron. Yeah the dust is an issue but no way around it in my line of work. Plastic over the keyboards and compressed air to blow the dust away afterwards.
It is the main reason I choose the G85 as it is dust and splash resistant housing. So far everything is still working.


Nice set up Tod. Are your livestreams/videos for private use or can you offer a link to see any of them. Really interesting approach.

Here is a link to see my first livestream.

I went to check out out your stream and ended up watching the whole thing! Nice set-up and production you have. I don’t know much about the topic, but it was great to watch and I learned a few things. I’ll probably will check out another one some time.

Thanks for watching it. I have plans to get doing more but I am also doing live demonstration to woodturning clubs around the country so I have to calendar everything. I’ll try to remember to plug my next live stream here when I get it set.

Thanks, I appreciate the comments.
They are open, I will try to put a link here for the next one. A better way is to subscribe to my YT channel and then hit the bell to get notified.

I do demonstration for clubs that are restricted to members.
I am also planning on doing paid personal demos.
All of which you can find on my website under Events.