My Traveling ATEM Case

I thought I would share my version of the Atem traveling case. I had the case already, it was orginally for a mtouch lighting controller. My goal was to have something quick to setup, and could run off battery or AC. I started down the rabbit hole of battery switches, DC converters, buying a case, etc, but using a case I had and having simple connections was the easiest and least expensive.

The hardware setup itself contains the Atem Pro, a Lepow USB monitor, a GL.inet slate router, and a usb hub for power. While the monitor has a headphone out, I also added a generic battery powered headphone amp to help in loud volume areas like concerts. That sits nicely in the front left of the case and is fed by the monitor headphone out.

Battery power is driven by NP-F970 batteries. I can get about 3 1/2 hours off a pair of batteries driving the atem, monitor, and router with phone tethered. In the bottom is a four slot v lock battery converter with dtap adapter (usb and dtap). I can run two batteries at a time, which allows me to hot swap batteries without losing power to the devices.

The GL.inet router offers several connectivity solutions, including WAN, WiFi, and mobile tether. All I have to do is either plug in an ethernet cable to get hardline internet from a client, or plug in my phone (I use easytether). No need to swap sim cards, etc. The downside when tethering is that while the router does provide a charge to the phone, it’s not enough power to keep my phone from draining. I may look into an OTG cable, but if my phone is fully charged at the beginning, I can get over six hours.

The usb hub powers the router and monitor. It has a micro usb connection meant to power higher power devices like hard drives, etc. I have this connection hooked up to the AC. The usb male end is hooked into the battery adapter. So it will pull power from either the battery or AC without me having to swap cables.
The Atem gets AC from the OEM cord, or a DC barrel connector. This is the only cable I have to change to switch from battery to AC or vice versa. I just leave the unused barrel connector hanging loose.

The monitor is not attached to the lid. When closing up, I fold the case that came with the monitor around it, and lay the monitor on top of the Atem. All cables stay attached. AC is fed to the case by a three outlet extension cord. I have one spare outlet to power laptop, etc. The cord stays connected in the case, and gets coiled on top of the monitor before the case is closed.
I think that covers it. Thanks to everyone posting their rigs here. It is fun to see all the different solutions.!