My simple mobile streaming rig (v1)

Hello everyone. Greetings from Germany. I’m new here and though i’d share one of my rigs.
In this case my mobile rig in version 1. There will be upgrades in the future to add another wireless camera that can be switched to.
Gear and it’s job:

  • Rig: Helps with getting a stable image while walking. The weight on the back takes off some weight off the hands
  • Sony X70: Is getting the picture. Pretty solid camera with a good array of audio inputs, 4k recording, 3g sdi out and a very good image stabilizer.
  • Blackmagic Video Assist 5": ProPres recording if it need to. Otherwise just a bigger monitor and cross-converting the sdi to hdmi.
  • RodeLink Filmmaker kit. Is getting audio from a wireless lav mic. (going into the camera)
  • (not in picture, behind the camera) “camlink” like usb capture card (some call them can’tlink). This captures the hdmi coming form the video assist and makes a mjpeg stream with it (+ audio)
  • xiaomi redmi note 8T: has the usb capture card connected over otg. does the encoding and streaming. more about that below.

More technical stuff:
The app i use is called Larix Broadcaster. It supports an open source streaming protocol called SRT which is a lot better then RTMP especially for mobile application. github. com/Haivision/srt
Also the app/phone has a h265 hardware encoer which means i can get a very solid 1080p stream with only 3 mbit.
The audio is also coming either over hdmi or over an external mic connected to the trrs jack on the phone.
On more of the software side, Larix is streaming to github. com/Edward-Wu/srt-live-server running on a cloud server. Then there is a obs instance running that pulls the stream and then does the actual platform push. The media source supports SRT natively and with the next update will have auto reconnecting in case the connection really get’s lost. Made a little script that pulls up a “connection issue” screen in case the stream disconnects (using obs-websocket).

Little more about myself: I am a streaming nerd who plays a lot with differnt tech. I’m working a lot with OBS and even made some tools like a midi mapping tool that are on github.

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Willkommen im Forum!

Awesome to see your setup. I was recently testing out a very similiar setup.
Sony A6400 -> Cheap $40 HDMI Capture Card (unfortunately my phone wasn’t able to provide enough power for the card to operate, so I had to use an extra powered usb hub, my Can’tLink is on it’s way) -> Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (no H265 hardware encoding unfortunately) -> Larix Broadcaster -> OBS

What is your use case for this rig (are there links) and are you satisfied with the MJPEG compression from the capture card or is it very noticable?

Greeting from Berlin!

EDIT: I knew your username was familiar. I really enjoyed your blog post about using Mumble for live productions.

Well i’m actually not actually really streaming that much(unfortunately), so no links. Also with the whole pandemic thing going on there is not much room to test/this stuff right now.
The quality is ok, could be better, but i think it’s mostly down to the phone encoder. The picture from the can’tlink is pretty solid. (Even though i’ve seen reports that it does some funky stuff to the colors)

Haha nice, yea that blogpost was me.