My Setup -ATEM to ZOOM for Conference

My view from the “control loft”. I recently did a live event over Zoom using ATEM Studio HD. 750 in attendance with 8 panelists. Learned a lot, had a blast.


Here’s the schematic:


How did you make the schematic ? Thansk

Free version of Lucidchart dot com

This is awesome. How do you get the zoom video into the programme feed?

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Great question, I actually didn’t bring in Zoom into the Program Feed. Zoom WAS the feed. So I was switching on the ATEM into the host’s feed which was 80% of the time. Simply switching between cams and PPT. Then when the panelists were on, I would switch them using Highlight Speaker in Zoom. In Webinars you can set the participant’s view to follow host’s view which is nice.

This allowed for Host, Panelists and Participants. Participants could ask questions of Panelists (or everyone depending what you want) via chat and also allowed to ask questions via Q&A feature . Then, when a great question was posted, we called out their name and opened up their mic. Participants can then ask questions live via their mic.

I had a laptop next to me streaming the feed as a confidence monitor because a lot was going on.

Had we been streaming to another service like YT or other, I would definitely think about bringing in the Zoom feed as a source. But Zoom handled everything for us - registration, reminders, stable platform, etc. All I did was add a payment gateway. With a few WP plugins I was able to charge $97 for the event, add an order bump for recordings $100 (50% took this), and auto sign them on to the webinar via zoom.


I sent program out to a WebPresenter. That plugs into my computer and shows up in Zoom as a web cam. It’s 720 but Zoom compresses even more - 640x380 unless you show gallery view.

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Great response @Perry. Maybe you can help me.

I have Zoom/Meet/Skype into the ATEM via laptop. Pgm ourt to OBS. What’s the best way to get the best audio sync between the mic input and the camera?

And how do I get the guests on Zoom to see the program feed?

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Not sure what your end goal is. Are you wanting to present everything via Zoom or do you have guests coming in via Zoom?

Since OBS can adjust the delay, you will want all of your audio going the same route to get to OBS if at all possible. Then set the delay in OBS to sync everything together. The problem arises when some audio is going one route and some audio going another. I recommend having all On Camera Audio (audio that you want precisely in sync) going the same path.

If your main objecting is to stream via OBS and have guests come in via Zoom, You will need to send program or aux to Zoom via webcam in - as in WebPresenter or some other feed to webcam converter.

So are people watching a live stream via YouTube or other platform or are they watching via Zoom. Makes a big difference in setup.

I want all the guest in via whatever platform. 5 guest Zoom/ 1 on Meet/ 2 on Skype etc.

The program out will go to YouTube and Facebook.

OK, that’s way more of a challenge. Why not have all guests in via Zoom? Easier to manage and they get program feed automatically.

I you are doing any via zoom, do all via zoom.

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Basically we will have a panel of guests in Zoom. But we will have people video call in on FaceTime or Skype who aren’t on the panel or invite… I really I want to brink in that video. A bit like radio phone in.

OK! I would use vMix to accomplish this.

  • One computer for vMix

  • One computer for Zoom panelists.

  • One computer for each call-in guest (or use Zoom Room for up to 3 guests per computer)

  • vMix Call for guests. (best option)

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I generally use Ecamm of a lot of my personal workflow along with an Atem Mini Pro but wanted to ask about NDI from a business /professional side.

Have many people used two laptops connected via a router / cat6 and then run scan converter(laptop 1- eg Zoom) and virtual input / monitor on the other computer (laptop 2) then on the extended desktop run that back into the atem as an input as a way of capturing Zoom from Laptop 1. I’m aware that Zoom is already a NDI source but was just curious.

Also have any Mac users used Sienna NDI as a capture? Seems like having a dedicated application capture is a great way to run on a presentation laptop (say from a lectern) and then the presenter can use the extended display as a feed back to a confidence monitor for another viewing window. Just means that it can all be run off a cat 6 in avenue as opposed to multiple SDI and HDMI convertors etc.

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Hi Perry, this is my first post on this type of forum. I really am impressed with your setup and will look forward to following you.