My Set Up And Testing of Using One Microphone to Mic a Entire Room Of People Clearly And Clean

Thought somebody maybe interested in this.

Lately I been running into many jobs that required me to mic a large group of people or larger room for Live streaming and videoconferencing. This has put me into situations where I am using 6-8 lapel microphones on each person, or 6-8 condenser microphones set up around the room this became very complicated to set up and run. So I started looking into other solutions and I came across Beamforming Ceiling Microphones used in permanent installations and they look like the best option. So I started looking around on the Internet as they’re very expensive and found is super good deal on used Sennheiser Teamconnect SL Ceiling 2 Microphones and I decided to buy 2 of them. I Started putting a kit together to make this portable and easy to set up I used Drop ceiling clamps, carabiners and metal lanyards. and I started 3D printing covers that would hold Neutrik plugs to convert the inputs to XLR.
I route the audio through my XR18 audio mixer into my computer to audition where I put a DeNoise on the audio and send back to my XR18 for the stream. This saves me from buying a DSP.

Mic Example Clip:


Really nice sound and I must say, smart thinking.

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Yes it’s surprising how well it works with just a little bit of audio processing!

That’s kind of magic! Excellent job

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