My music streaming setup

I have 2 X ATEMs - an ATEM Mini Pro ISO and a regular ATEM Mini. I use the ATEM Mini to switch (see second pic).

I’m running my live streams with vMix and then the output is into the AMP ISO. This way I can have guest callers come in on my secondary internet and it leaves the streaming just to the primary internet.

I’ve had really nice success with this setup and quality over the last few streams (I do a weekly show on Saturdays at 2PM UTC).

My Youtube channel is:

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Cool! So you aren’t streaming from Vmix? Using it only for bringing in a remote guest then feeding that into the ISO?

Your studio looks great!

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Correct. Vmix is my production software - it has a lot of cool features and is super stable. I used to use vMix to stream from - but now the AMP ISO takes the streaming duty off my PC and network - it opens up for better results of the vMix callers. Frees up the computer to record (I also record on the ISO too).

I also run a PTZ camera off the ATEM - I used it in my last stream to show my studio. This would actually be a cool topic to talk about on your show - PTZ in ATEM.