My latest ATEM Mini Pro rig!

I bought an ATEM Mini Pro last year, and did a few gigs with it. Now livestreaming is really picking up, and I’m producing two shows for local businesses! Pic below and I’ll give a detailed description of the setup!

So I’m using a combination of the Atem Mini Pro, the Hyperdeck Studio Mini, and the El Gato Streamdeck + Companion.

ATEM does all streaming. Hyperdeck plays media (lower thirds, pre-roll, post-roll, intermission, etc.), and the El Gato executes macros.

I design video resources in FCPX w/ a chroma bg to key out, and my macros with one press will turn on the key, play the resource, and turn off the key.

This setup pic is for a fly-tying show for a local fly fishing shop. We have 3 camera angles, one of the tyer, one of the vise, and one of the shop owner. An HDMI splitter puts the image of the vise onto a TV for the live audience to see as well.

Click here to see our most recent show.

Show starts about 10 minutes in. The whole pre-roll sequence, show intro, transition of audio and cam to the host, and hosts’ lower third are triggered by ONE very large macro that spans about 12 minutes! (Took lots of testing).

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