My initial setup as LikeThisReview YouTuber

LikeThisReview - Nico Wasmus, The Netherlands

As I’m retiring from work in 2 years and 10 months, people asks me “What are you going to do as a hobby?”

When I reply “Vlogger” people like my sister and her daughter start to laugh. Except for my brother, who replied “Ah, Influencer!”

Well, we will see about that. For now I have the desire to create guides on YouTube because I like doing that and doing research work for it.

Until my retirement I’m collecting the needed gear and try it out. I’m studying YouTube videos and books to get a better understanding of How To Vlog.

As soon as I’m retired I will start uploading videos (now too occupied with work). By then I will have a workflow around the ATEM Mini Pro (AMP) from BlackMagic Design.

This little device is a Live Production Switcher which will make it possible to work with multiple cameras (Close-up, Wide shot, and/or overhead camera) and HDMI input from PC, MAC, or Tablet.

As switching camera (angles) can be done in real-time there is no need to do this in post-production editing which will save time. The AMP supports also livestreaming (to YouTube for example) and recording to external USB disk.

My first channel, LikeThisReview, is in Dutch and is focused on how to become a Vlogger. So I basically will report on the journey I undertake myself.

As I get the hang of it and perhaps after building an audience in The Netherlands, I will then open a second channel, LikeThisHowTo, in English.

Currently I’m using Sony A6400 camera with 16-50 and 55-210 mm lens plus iPadPro (2017). Will buy AMP as soon as I have the money :slight_smile:

My setup is aimed at Vlogging (YouTuber) and Home Recording and is centered around a large L-shaped desk in the middle of a 3 x 6 meters room (where I work at home).

I try to do as much as possible without a PC or laptop. Sadly the AMP requires a Windows PC or MAC to run its ATEM Software Control.

In front of me I have a 34” LG monitor centered at the desk. Left of it is my laptop on a document raiser (so I can use the build in webcam for Skype / Teams for my work).

Under / in front of the monitor are two 15 cm deep 19” wall racks (placed “up site down” on the desk): a 3U rack for hiding all sort of cables, and in front of that a 2U rack with Behringer MIC2200 microphone preamp (1U).

Underneath it there is room for the small Keyboard I use for the laptop. Inside the 3U rack there is 19” the t.racks Power 8 S straight power strip with 6 power sockets and one switch (facing me) for shutting down the set [and AMP]. On top of the 3U rack there is a Google Mini speaker which allows me to control the Philips Hue lights above the desk.

On top of the 2U rack there is an HDMI Switch (later: AMP with Samsung SSD T5) and the IMG Stageline MX-2io Audio interface. Cables from and to these devices run through a brush panel in the 3U rack.

Behind the laptop there is a rod/stud with camera bracket for the A6400 (with microphone and HDMI cable). A USB cable allows me to use the A6400 as a webcam on the laptop due to the Imaging Edge Desktop software from Sony. Not needed of course when one has the AMP. There is a Manfrotto 3 section single arm with Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp / Manfrotto Befree Aluminum tripod twist for placing the A6400 further away (to the left) from the desk.

I do not use a camera in front of me but place it in an angled position to extent the distance between the camera and myself and between myself and the background. This way I create depth of field and hope it also helps with the acoustics.

The Bresser BR-22468 Daylight set 2250W comes with two large Softboxes and lightstands. The Main light is on a wall mount (Jinbei BL 70x130) and the other one (Fill light) is on the lightstand. I’m looking for a solution for a Hair/Back light.

At my right I’ve a corner for Product photography with 3 small LED lights (2x24W, 1x 36W bi-color from Bresser) and a double 2 section extension arm for the A6400. A USB cable runs from this arm under the desk to the laptop.

At my left I have a rod/stud with K&M 19791 Tablet Holder for the iPadPro which I’m using as overhead camera [until I can buy a second camera]. The Apple Lighting to HDMI adapter is used to connect an HDMI cable. The HDMI cable and iPad power cable runs from here (under the desk) to the 34” LG monitor / HDMI switch [later: to AMP]

Also at my left there is a microphone arm (Millennium DS200) with Rode condensor XLR microphone NT-1A plus MS6 Shock Mount. The XLR cable runs (under the desk) from the microphone to the mic pre-amp and from the pre-amp with a Camera Cable (XLR to 3,5 mm TRS) to the A6400. From the A6400 we run a micro HDMI to HDMI cable to the HDMI Switch [AMP, HDMI IN].

Also from the same channel from the MIC2200 pre-amp a TRS patch cable connects to the Audio interface MX-2io. This set up allows voice recording from Condenser microphone on A6400 [and AMP] or to PC without switching cables. It is also possible to record audio at A6400 [AMP] and on PC at the same time.

For archiving purposes I use the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro 4TB WiFi.

Any suggestions or comments??

Wow that’s some write up! I too am using the Sony A6400! (My setup is here)

Any photos of your setup to accompany your post?

Update 28Dec2020. Finally had the money to order the AMP. Arrived four days later (from Connected Sony A6400 camera, iPadPro (2017), and HP laptop without problems. WOW factor is high :slight_smile: