My Custom Built Fly Pack/Road Case For The ATEM Production Studio 4K

Hey I run a production company here in New Brunswick Canada. We do a lot of live streaming of different events like concerts, TEDx, conferences, sporting events, etc. Last year I decided I wanted build a Fly Pack for my main live streaming equipment to make the setups more streamlined for me and my employees. After looking around online for different road case solutions I couldn’t find anything that perfectly fit my needs so I decided to build a custom solution.

My Fly Pack Equipment:

  • ATEM Production Studio 4K
  • HyperDeck Studio Mini
  • Behringer X Air XR18 18-channel Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer
  • 2x Acer 27" GF276 Abmipx Monitor
  • Sewell Echo V2 HDMI to HDMI Upscaler/Downscalerf to fix Frame rate issue
  • 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switcher For Monitors
  • CyberPower 1U UPS
  • iPad for Audio Mixer
  • RJ45 Ethernet To Lightning For iPad Mixer Wired Control
  • Internet Router And Five Port Network Switch
  • 1U PDU
  • 2x Sony FS5 Camera
  • 2x Sony A7 Camera

The case has red or white LED strips underneath the monitors too light the Equipment in dark venues and a white LED strip on the back to light the patch bay. The switcher is held down in the case by 3D printed hold downs I designed. All the equipment in the box and plugged into the box are on a UPS for redundant power just in case someone trips over the power cord. I decided to put a XR18 in the box mainly because it has audio delay built in, and a lot of times we end up running the room PA audio as well. There is also a computer connection beside the switcher this is mainly for video playback through
Qlab and automated switcher control through Qlab running OSC Messages to the ATME through ATEM OSC this controls all my lower thirds graphics video playback and automated switching.

I’m also working on building a smaller hard case for the ATEM mini ISO AND ATEM HD


Amazing, that’s quite a kit! That box must weigh a ton too!

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Thanks. it weighs about 170 pounds. but it’s worth it, it has cut our set up time in half. But i also built a smaller one that’s much lighter with a 4U SKB case I’m just upgrading it right now from the ATEM Mini ISO to the ATEM Television Studio HD.

This is awesome! I was working on one similar before Covid. Nowadays I’m mostly stuck in place where it won’t help much, but like daydreaming of building these. Great work!

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Thanks!. Fortunately for me Covid has actually been alright for business with everyone doing online events through zoom and teams. And I hope you can get back into it soon!

Very nice setup. May next time we speak in NB you will be doing the event :grin:

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Thanks!. And yes of course we’re always looking to help out at events!

Would love to see the smaller one too when you get the upgrade finished.

Oh if the TVS HD was only more forgiving about input formats.

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Yes of course when I finish it I will post it!. Yes that’s the biggest downside of TVS HD I find but it’s still more capable input wise then the minis

I’m still holding out for a TVS with the new features in the Mini Pro, or a Mini with the inputs and outputs of the TVS.


Yeah I hope they release a new TVS. I just needed another switcher fast, So that’s what i decided to change the ATEM ISO with. Hopefully we see some new switchers and maybe cameras soon from BMD.

I Was able to finish the smaller one.

Here it is:
My All In One Custom Hard Case For the ATEM Television Studio HD.

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This is exactly the kind of setup that I have never had a good excuse (or reason) to build. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah it’s pretty specialized but it works great.

That is wicked cool! Great job!

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