My COVID work from home ATEM setup

My inputs are:

Two Sony Alpha cameras (6400 and 6000)

  • The 6400 is behind the ikan elite teleprompter (iPad for script)
  • The older 6000 is my ‘over the shoulder’ view on a rode boom

Audio is a Rode procaster mated to a Scarlett Solo boosted by the cloudlifter

  • Also have a rode wireless mic on the primary camera as a backup

Both the MacPro and the iPad are the remaining HDMI inputs to the ATEM mini

  • Camera 1: Sony Alpha 6400
  • Camera 2: Sony Alpha 6000
  • Camera 3: Apple Mac Pro HDMI out (via thunderbolt)
  • Camera 4: Apple iPad Pro mini (using Apple HDMI dongle)

Macros from the always useful Elgato Stream Deck


@peterdoolan Do you have to use Apple’s own HDMI dongle exclusively? Obviously… because I’m trying to connect my iPad Pro 11" into Input 4 and I have two USB-C dongles with HDMI and powering ports that I’ve tried, nothing works. I have no trouble connecting the same iPad and any of the dongles HDMI output to my LG Monitor, great picture and resolution.