My Church rig


I’m new to all this live video production stuff. Below are pics of the rig I assembled for our Church. We are currently streaming our 8AM Sunday Mass using an iPad that we have connected to the church sound system. We obtained a $5k upgrade grant from a non-denominational group that helps congregations with tech. The cameras are running POE so our electrical contractor only had to pull ethernet and SDI cables to the cameras. I’m thinking about removing the ATEM camera program/preview controls from the Stream Deck and just using it for camera control/presets and running lower third macros on the ATEM Mini Pro. Any thoughts and advice you all have would be greatly appreciated.

This is what we are running:
ATEM Mini Pro
2 PTZOptics 30x SDI cameras - running SDI to sound cabinet and converting to HDMI at cabinet
2 BMD Bidirectional HDMI-SDI converters
Stream Deck XL
Mica Spec G2 to run media before, during and after Mass (upgrade to HyperDeck Mini once $ is there)
A laptop our Priest no longer needed
A 1080p monitor I had laying around the house that was just taking up space


I still have a lot of learning to do, but here is one of the first streams/recordings on our new rig.

This video is a recording of a later morning Mass thanks to a forced Windows update that put our rig laptop out of commission for two hours, so we had to revert to our former streaming setup for the live stream.

Any suggestions or guidance you have would be greatly appreciated!

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Just a small tip in regards to Windows computers in show-critical applications, I warmly recommend running a small application called Win Update Stop from NoVirusThanks, it completely blocks Windows from updating when you enable it, even for Win 10 :slight_smile:
I use it on all my show laptops that we use for running Lighting and other stuff, and it works flawlessly.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll have to check with our IT vendor to see how they have Windows updates configured on the laptop. I’d have to clear any installs with them since it’s connected to the church/school network.

Edit: I know they made some changes to it a couple days after my post in September because it has not preformed an automatic update since that Sunday.

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Nice setup! I love PTZ cameras!