My Atem Mini Pro setup for online TV show

As an introduction I would like to share my setup as used for an online TV Talkshow
This is the schematic view

Brief description:
The AMP will do the video-switching and streaming to local or external servers.
The streamdeck is the input to the companion SW.
The companion SW is able to send instructions to the AMP ( switching video source directly )
The Caspar-CG server can also receive instructions from Companion ( f.i. Starting playout and animated Lower thirds )
On the Caspar-CG server commands can be placed in a group and executed as a row of instructions to the AMP ( selecting Keyer state, selecting output, Start macro, start playout )
In this way complex switch situations can be performed.
This setup is used to stream an entire talkshow with prerecorded clips and slideshows between the interviews and Lowerthirds for the persons talking.
By using a software based ( freeware ) playout the budget is kept low without concessions in reliability of switching and streaming with nearly the same capabilities of OBS.
The raspberry pi is able to receive the program stream from the AMP and in this way ( when not streaming to the internet ) the Pi creates a program-out view on the connected display.
This is useful for program view in a nearby room or even recording the program out while using the USB as a webcam output.
( Keep in mind there is a delay between the stage-performance and viewing the program-out )

An extended description can be found here

Kind regards,
Rene Brunken


Wow, so detailed.

I really wanna try your Ethernet-Pi-ProgramOut solution!

You may try these instructions for installing the RTMP service on the PI

The nstructions show also the receiving part with VLC.
The sending part wil be the AMP in stead of OBS

Modify your streaming.xml with the following profile:



Streaming Medium



Streaming Low



For viewing the program out on the HDMI port of the PI use this script.
The loop ensures recovery when the stream might be lost for a moment.

while true;
omxplayer --live -o hdmi rtmp://;
sleep 60


What is the program latency like on the aux out over the raspberry pi?

The latency is up to three seconds. so only for viewing in another room without reference to the stage performance or for recording when the USB port is used as a webcam output.

Please could you share the process of creating HTML Templates for CasparCG in Google Web Designer? It looks like a really useful tool with the phasing out of flash support.

I will come back on this in a few days because I am busy with preparation for upcoming events.

I made a step by step instruction on how to use google webdesign for making animations to use within Caspar-CG. The installation and configuration of Caspar is not in the scope of this document. I assume that basic knowledge of Caspar is available.
this is a link to the PDF
Let me know if this answers your question,
Kind regards
Rene Brunken


Finaly got my setup build into one flight case ( exept cables and camera’s )
This flightcase could just taken out of the blockbuster film “Transformers”

The laptop sits on a platform that raises and slides to the left to keep free sight on the multiview on the monitor in the lid of the case and gain access to the connections for the camera’s ( 2x SDI to HDMI and one RJ45 to HDMI extender )