Music production Live stream Set-up - Tricaster goals

I’m starting a new love stream for beat production and this is my new set up. Picked up the ATEM Mini Pro recently and have another one on the way.

Will I be able to stream on one ATEM Mini pro to Twitch, the other to Youtube, and use ODS to stream to Facebook? has anyone tried it?

Hi @Kray_zee. Time ago, I used nginx (with rtmp module) for stream to multiple services at once (now I am testing with SRS, that seems to be more powerfull). With that, you can set up multiple pushes to any remote server for each stream push to your local server.

But, like Facebook no longer allows RTMP, but RTMPS, isn’t possible to stream to Facebook using nginx. There are some extra steps to doing something for enabling secure protocols or something (never looked into that. Waste of time for me).

When I actually stream both on Youtube (or any other RTMP service) and Facebook, I set up an stream output in main OBS PC to one service, and another OBS PC for streaming to another service, using NDI source taking Main OBS program video and audio.

Instead of using two ATEM, just sending a/v with NDI throug LAN.

You can also look for another software with multistreaming capabilities (Wirecast, VMix… (maybe ffmpeg too?)) or an online service like Restream (


This is great advice.Thank you David.

I use Restream for my multi-streaming service. It’s decent and service has been good. You will need a paid account in order to stream to anything on Facebook other than your personal profile.

Be aware that Twitch is very picky about competing content. Affiliates aren’t allowed to simulcast and many Partner contracts also prohibit livestreaming games content on another platform at any time.

In general if you are building an audience people will tell you not to multicast because you lose the audience effect. Personally I use restream in order to improve discovery of my live events because very few channels get more than 1 or 2 viewers and I broadcast as a service to my clients who are advertising their nonprofits / events / content.

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