Most reliable multistream approach?

For an upcoming event, I’ll need to stream to 3 places at once for approx 8 hours. I’m using ATEM Mini ISO Pro.

My question is, what is the most reliable way to do this?

In previous years we used restream, however we found it somewhat unreliable and needed to restart a couple of times. Each time cost about 10-15 minutes outage of the stream.

Ideas welcome!

Depending on your skillset, if you are looking for a competitive service to ReStream, go with one of the original called Switchboard Live.

If you have the skillset and can work with linux and AWS or equivalent type company, you can set up your own server to receive your stream from the ATEM Mini Pro and then broadcast it to any platform you would like from the server. Cost will depend on the AWS or equivalent type company that you choose.

Here is a tutorial from Aaron on his YT channel:

Good luck!

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Thank you very much. We have an ATEM Mini Extreme, so perhaps another option is to daisy chain via the second HDMI output to other ATEMs each one dedicated to a stream? Or is this a silly idea?

More possibilities for failure. In my opinion, you do not need 3 encoders onsite unless you have a redundant internet connection with the capabilities of sending out 3 times the bitrate (1 for each encoder plus 20% for overhead and monitoring purposes).

I would be more concerned about redundancy of your internet connection at the broadcast location and let the cloud server (depending on your skillset as I mentioned in my previous answer) do all the hard work to send your 1 feed (or 1 primary feed and 1 backup feed using a different internet connection) to any of the platforms you want to stream to.

Good luck.

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