More or less permanent solution


The setup that we do webinars almost every second week.

3 Sony A6400 connected ti the Atem mini (First image is from a mini which was used while the Atem was replaced.)
Atem mini connected to a laptop which is streaming to Vimeo.
4 akg lavalier mic connected to a behringer mixer which is connected the Atem.
Lights: neewer 1320 something


Looks super clean!!. How do you like the Sony A6400?

@AuroraProductionsth Sony A6400 is ok. I have no real issues with them. It took a couple of events before I learnt a bit.
The issues i have had is they might overheat if I record locally (stopped doing this)
They only have a mini/micro HDMI which really feels weak.
I had some issues with the sound that it did not go through the camera unless I recorded. (might have been my wrong doing)

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Could you provide more detail about how you connect the lav mic hardware please?

I have 4 Lav Mic conencted to the Behringer Mixer, connected via 4 XLR mic cables.
The Lav-mics is Phantom powered and the powers comes from the Behringer mixer. ( Behringer Xenyx X1622USB ). The Master output on the Mixer is then connected to the Line in 1 on the Atem. Since we use all the same cameras we have the same latency. So the latencey correction is set on the line in.
Mixer Behringer Xenyx X1622USB
Mic AKG C 417 PP
Cable between mixer and Atem Mini is an 2x 6,3 mm mono to 1x 3,5 mm stereo.

Impressive setup ! Did not expect the A6400 to overheat. Did you record in HD or 4K?


While creating the setup we did a lot of testing. At first we recorded 4K and got the overheating issues. Flip out the screen and it gets a bit better. (Not fault proof). We did record 1080 for a while but stopped do that because we did not edit the recording afterwards we stream 1080 and recorded 1080. So we are not revording in camera anymore.