MixEffect Pro and Apple’s pricing

Like many on here I watched yesterday’s live video with Aaron and Adam Tow. I was suitably impressed by MixEffect Pro but not by Apple’s pricing policy. Here are the UK prices:

and it leaves me with a question.

Does the extra $20 they charge me, over the US price, go to the author (Adam) or is it just extra money in Apple’s coffers?

[ link to the YouTube video for those who haven’t seen it https://youtu.be/E1nI5-p35AE ]

I believe the way it works is Apple has these pricing tiers and the developer can only choose which tier the app falls in, not the actual dollar amount. In all cases the developer keeps 70% and Apple takes 30%.

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I understand that part but I thought the US price was $49.99 [tier 50] which SHOULD equate to £38.99.

The US price will likely not include sales tax, as most listed prices in the US do not include sales tax. The UK price may likely include VAT. I know the Australian price will include GST because it is law here that retail prices must include any applicable GST in the listed price.

Happy to be corrected if someone has definite answers.