Mitti 2.1 with ATEM Integration

Hi there! I just want to let you know our popular Mac video playout app Mitti has been updated recently with a revamped user interface, modernized video and audio playback engine, and now it works really well with the ATEM switcher family.

You can set Mitti to start playback when a specified ATEM input is selected, and you can also specify what Mitti should do when you switch off from that input - load the next cue, rewind or just pause playback.

With the latest 2.1 update it is also possible to CUT/AUTO to Preview or a specified input on the ATEM when a cue ends.

In addition, Mitti supports the Hyperdeck protocol, so it can act like a Hyperdeck.

Hope you like it! :slightly_smiling_face: