Mirror Flip MS Teams for Teleprompter

HI I want to use a teleprompter for a MS Teams Livestream. I have a second small flat monitor that will fit in my teleprompter, but if i flip the image, it is flipped on both screens. I only want to flip on the second screen. Does anyone have any advice. I am running a MacBook Pro



I’m not a Mac user but I did run across this YouTube video a few months ago that may be of some assistance that was done on a Mac and using a Teleprompter.

Create a Teleprompter out of any monitor using OBS Studio!

Apologies. This isn’t an answer, but it might be helpful for people using an iPad with the same question.

I use Luna display (USB adapter goes in the Mac) and transmits to the iPad. Luna display software has a built-in teleprompter mode that does the mirroring. About $130.

I used the OBS solution for a bit, but Apple support for using an external iPad as a monitor conflicted with the DisplayLink software I use to get other virtual monitors for my ATEM.

Consider using a fieldmonitor as the Liliput A11 or a Feelworld. These monitors have a HDMI passthrough and horizontal / vertical flip function.

If you have an iPad , the lunadisplay might be a cheaper solution.