Mini Pro screen from computer reversed

Panasonic camcorder at 1080p into HDMI input 1. PC laptop into HDMI input 2. Mini Pro into a desktop PC. Desktop PC into Zoom. The PC screen comes out on Zoom reversed, and that is tough if you are pushing a Powerpoint slide through. I can’t find a solution in the Mini Pro manual, but I’m not so good with manuals. Any ideas other than to ask the students to hold up a mirror? Thanks, experts.

is it reversed for everyone or only for you? Don’t know about Zoom but jitsi reverses your own camera image because it’s more natural for people to look in the mirror than a screen. It’s the proper way around for other participants

Gimzo, I hadn’t thought of that. It appears on my Zoom screen reversed, so I assumed everyone is seeing it reversed. Weird for them to see it one way and me to see it reversed, and that doesn’t happen when I just screen share, but Zoom is more than a little weird.

Yup, it reverses the camera feed for you to have it look natural to you, but it doesn’t reverse screen share because that wouldn’t make any sense.

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Yeah, it’s a bit strange. Zoom is making an assumption that when you are using an external video source that it’s a camera that is pointed at you, rather than something else. You can turn off a switch to get it to not flip your local presentation of your output though in Settings>Video.


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Nate, I am going to try that. Shows how little I know about Zoom. (In addition to how little I know about the deep workings of the Mini Pro. I need to dig in.) Thanks.

Nate, you solved it. Thanks !