May 6 - Panasonic's Pro Video Broadcast

I’m looking forward to Panasonic’s virtual event on May 6th! I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll be there to learn about their latest products and services!

Hoping to see something interesting from this (though I don’t really want to register for it) so be sure to report back on any cool updates @aaronpk!


I feel like it is going to be a GH6. People have been waiting for that almost as long as the A7s iii.

Though more video cameras/camcorders with built-in ndi and rtmp via ethernet would be great for live streaming conferences. Can you imagine just unspooling cat6 and controlling a half dozen cameras from the back of a room? I guess you can do that now with some PTZs but the sensors are not as good.

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The virtual set in this broadcast is over the top!

Behind the scenes!

So that was a very brief announcement, only 30 minutes. It was definitely PRO video gear, way overkill for anything I do.

Fancy new 4K PTZ camera, fancy studio camera, and a rackmount IP video processor meant for broadcast TV stations or large keynote stages.

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The virtual set is certainly a but of a stretch, but the BTS shot is great. Greenscreen is so hard to get right!