Making progress on my livestreaming desk

Now I have matching 24" monitors, one for the ATEM and one for my laptop. Camera is positioned just above the monitor. Light and mic are attached to the pole at the top. Everything is mounted to this single pole attached to the back of the desk so no wasted space on the desktop for monitor stands.


Looking good! Any benefit from adding a green screen behind you?

That’s an idea! I haven’t decided whether I want a greenscreen as part of this setup yet. I was thinking about decorating the background a bit instead, adding some small wall shelves, or maybe even wall mount a TV for fun.

Right, my plan is to have both. Neat wall with a couple of shelves, pictures, plants etc and then a removable green screen curtain about a foot in front to use when needed. A light from the top behind helps improve separation from the background too whether green screen or not.

Yeah I really need a backlight here. I haven’t decided what kind I should get for that. I can mount it on the ceiling though.

One of the challenges of this space is that the door just out of frame of this shot, so I would likely need a greenscreen that ends up covering up part of the door and rolls up above it. It’s doable, since I don’t end up going out that door until I leave anyway, but is kind of strange.

Also as you can tell, the walls in here are not done yet. I won’t be able to finish them for a while longer, so for now that piece of drywall is leaned up against the wall so that the background isn’t exposed wood and insulation. It does make it a bit of a challenge to dedicate too much time to semi-permanent installations of stuff since I’m going to have to move everything out in order to finish the drywall and paint everything.

Ah, I can understand that.

So that pole looks like it has 4 monitor arms, is that a standard item you found or a DIY creation?
And is it freestanding or mounted to the desk? Looks great!

What appears to be missing though is the assortment of cables & gadgets normally on your desk when streaming…are they gone for good or just for the photo shoot?! :yum:

It’s kind of a frankenarm. It’s a larger version of what you’d use for a dual monitor pole, but all the arms attached to it are the regular arms. It’s clamped to the desk, keeping the desktop free. Here’s some links:

Once you get a few of these they’re really customizable. This is the 3rd or 4th iteration I’ve done now.

(The mess of cables is hidden with the very careful lighting. The cables are all on the desk, you just can’t see them cause they blend in with the darkness under the monitors)

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Have seen some people use old projector screens. either the pull up ones sprayed green or the automatic roll down ones sprayed green. That said i’ve also seen green cloth on an ikea / kmart clothes rack so its on wheels that can be moved easily. I’m still doing the kitchen table setup so very jealous of an actual studio space.