Macro to swap media pool image

    <Macro index="12" name="Still 5" description="">
        <Op id="PreviewInput" mixEffectBlockIndex="0" input="Black"/>
        <Op id="AutoTransition" mixEffectBlockIndex="0"/>
        <Op id="MacroSleep" frames="61"/>
        <Op id="PreviewInput" mixEffectBlockIndex="0" input="MediaPlayer1"/>
        <Op id="MediaPlayerSourceStillIndex" mediaPlayer="0" index="4"/>
        <Op id="MediaPlayerSourceStill" mediaPlayer="0"/>
        <Op id="AutoTransition" mixEffectBlockIndex="0"/>
        <Op id="MacroSleep" frames="61"/>

This macro makes a one button transition from the current feed, fade to color (black) , swap to still 5, fade in to still 5.
Change the ‘index=4’ to which ever image you want. ‘Index=0’ is still 1.
I have 10 macros that I use in Strata Macros to change to any of 10 images in the media pool.
If you are doing a fade or any transition, make sure the pause is one frame longer than the transition time or it can glitch; fade time 1 sec = pause time of 1 sec plus 1 frame. (My fade time is set to 2 sec @ 30fps, so the MacroSleep is 61 frames.)
This works fine for the chroma keyer also; you can change background stills on the fly.

I hope this is useful, Dave