Macro for switching audio delay AND angle?

Hey guys!

I’m gearing up to do a large livestream event with the ATEM Mini Pro for our local event center.

One of our cameras has a 5 frame delay, and another has a 6 frame delay. Additionally, we are considering purchasing a hollyland mars 400s to untether one of the cams, which I’ve read has a 12-frame delay.

Can I create a macro that will switch between angles and also update the audio delay for my sound mixer in the ATEM? Would that cause any issues when live?


you can create a macro but the transition will probably be audible.
If you have something like a background music, plug it into the other input and don’t change delay on it.

Yeah you definitely can, but you’ll likely hear a little click in the audio as it switches the delay. You can hear what I mean if you go adjust the delay in the software control interface manually, you’ll hear a little sound as it resyncs to the new delay.