Macro for deleting still in media pool

Hi :slight_smile: offering i am online yoga classess but now i can allow people to be phisically in the room as well… so i need to capure a still image of me in a pose to show to people at home while i go around in the room to help live students (i’ve created a macro that capture a still and put it in MP1 and send it to the program). When i go back in the camera view i need to delete the still i captured and send camera 1 to the program.
I need to delete the still so that the next time i wanna take another screen capture it is placed in the media pool spot number 1 so that the macro can take the new still and put it on the MP1 and than in the program (with me in a new pose)
everything is possible via macro except the click on the little cross in right top corner of the captured still (to delete it and leave the space empty for the next capture)
How can i create a command to do this? it is the little corner stone to make may macro work perfectly and my yoga classess good for online followers who can still see the pose they are supposed to do (it is not nice to leave them with a empty setting)
Thanks for help!

That is a really good question and interesting use case.

A potential method that could work in the meantime is to create a macro that take the capture like normal then before it shows the capture you could add a user wait to the macro. This would give you time to drag the new capture on to the Media Player. Then you can let the macro continue to run which would always show the right image.

Not smooth but at least a fix for now.

Thankyou John, actually the problem is that i have set up my studio with an elgato streamdeck so i can do all atem actions from my yoga mat (change camera, start recording, launch a macro, etc.) and my pc is far from the mat… to move the new screenshot in the Media Player will require to do it on the computer screen… also i’m a little blind when it come to read or work to pc :slight_smile: so i will also need to put my glasses :slight_smile: hahaha
It is a real pity that the “erase” function to clean the media pool spot cannot be recorded in a macro! That would be the percet solution

On my StreamDeck I have left and right buttons to scroll though the media pool images, adding them to the Media Player. Maybe you could ‘Capture screen’, add pause . . while you press the right arrow to advance the Media Player to the next image (the new capture) . . then the macro resumes to bring MP on air as you already have it working . . ?
If you have a multiview visible near your matt you should be able to see the image change in MP before in goes on air

That is a great idea! Thanks! how did you create those buttons on the streamdeck? are from the atem presets in companion?

I don’t think it was a preset, but it’s one of the actions in the dropdown. Think it’s called Cycle media player source, or something. Then you can choose Forward and Back.
Very useful buttons to have on a live show I’ve found. Especially with 2 media players, you can see the images scrolling on the multiview so you know when you’re at the right one. And that includes when using for keys

Great! with this i’m almost getting to my final solution!

Based on this discussion, here’s a companion toggle button that works for me for this: When pressed, it takes a still (needs that macro set up) and transitions to it. When pressed again (i.e., unlatched), it transitions back to the previous camera input. :clinking_glasses:

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Thanks this is also interesting but every time you push this button you get a new still?

Yes, on each press it takes a new still (grab still macro) and then puts it in the media pool (cycle media player source) and then transitions to it (set input on preview → auto transition).

I couldn’t easily figure out how to delete a still using a macro, so this just adds new stills on each press—hopefully you don’t need >20 in a given class.

Great thanks, i will erase the stills at the end of the class and mostly i will need just 5-6 of them so it’s fine :slight_smile:

My app, MixEffect for iOS and iPadOS has the ability to delete stills in the Media Pool via Shortcuts. You can use it to delete the still in slot 1 before calling a macro to capture a still and switching to the Media Player in your Program. You can also map the shortcut to a Companion/Stream Deck button. If you have an iPad, you may want to check it out!

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