Macro for changing stills bank?

Hey guys, I’ll be live-streaming a cattle auction on saturday (riveting stuff, I know), and I will need to display images of many animals, since very few people can actually present their animals in person.

Is there a way to save multiple picture banks and load them while streaming with some sort of macro?


Not using a macro, but you could create sets of 20 images saved on your computer with the XML export. When you use the “save as” feature from the software control it will prompt you to choose what to save in it. You can choose just the media pool.

If you do that for each set of 20 images, then you can load those in while the show is live to change sets of images. As long as you only include the media library in the export, there’s no worry of restoring that while you’re streaming.

This will work perfectly for us. Thanks a ton Aaron!

BTW, Thanks a ton for all the hard work you put into your content! I basically learned live streaming from your videos. They’ve been a huge help!

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