Mac OS unusual screen issue

I know this sounds strange! Maybe someone might have an idea to help.

I lecture in History and want to be able to highlight parts of handouts etc while on Zoom. I set up the Accessibility feature to magnify the screen on my mac and it works great. However, either the ATEM or Zoom does not allow the magnification to be broadcast. I can’t tell which!

Does anybody have any ideas, or maybe know of an app which might magnify the screen dynamically for use on the fly in a discussion?

I hope this makes sense!

Ooh strange. I do have this set up on mine and it works fine pushing the video out to the ATEM. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not showing up on Zoom screen sharing. You’ll probably need to find a different tool for magnifying the screen that Zoom will be able to capture.

I do exactly this—also teaching college lectures—using a Logitech Spotlight! It goes out via Webex screen sharing or the ATEM.

Thanks for the advice. I will maybe have to buy the logitech pointer. I noted one comment on amazon about sharing desktops rather than windows and that allowed annotations to show up, but not the magnification. Oh well, just another issue!

I was really jealous when Aaron casually magnified his screen on yesterday’s stream!

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I have been teaching online classes via zoom and I use two apps that work, in screen sharing mode, called ProMouse and also KeyCastr. Check them out!