Mac Audio/Midi utility/Zoom/Atem hell!

Hi All, I am in Zoom hell and can’t get out. I have a couple of issues you all might be able to help with. #1 While recording a zoom session (on a Mac via the HDMI out) we could get video but no sound despite playing with the Audio/Midi utility and setting up a several new Aggregate Devices. #2 after we gave up on this we went to record the Zoom session with the Zoom record function. We were able to get both audio and video on the record (noun), BUT the screen would automatically switch to whomever was speaking. I am trying to record only the guest without the record screen switching back and forth between host and guest. I have a camera already recording the host in my studio, so I only want to record the guest (interviewee). Thanks!

That is a weird problem for audio. Did you use a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter or was it a direct HDMI output from the computer?. Also did you set your computer Audio output to HDMI and set Zoom Audio output to HDMI. Have you thought about recording directly in OBS with window capture?.
And if you “pin” the person in zoom it should stay on the screen.

Pin or Spotlight Video:

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MBP 2019 with a USB-C => HDMI dongle ( I did switch cables and dongle when testing, to no avail). I set up an Audio/Midi “Aggregate Device” that include only the HDMI and the Bluetooth earbuds (for the interviewers - 2). A few of them actually (Arrrrghghg!) Tomorrow I will mak another Agg Dev for the HDMI and Headphone outputs, I may just take a line out from headphone jack and try and inject into the signal flow down the line (camera or ATEM). I will check out the pin resource you sent, Thanks hella much!

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You need to make sure that your audio is 48000 Hz for ATEM (not sure if necessary for Mini)

Thanks for the responses! My issues were corrected by better management of the (Mac OS Catalina) Audio/Midi utility; instead of making an “Aggregate Device,” I should have made a “multiple output” device to manage the two parallel outputs (duh). In addition you have to #1 make the M. O. with everything plugged in and on, or else it won’t work. #2 juggle the audio/midi settings, the Sys Pref Sound settings and the Zoom preferences/settings to make sure they all are set to the new M. O. you have created.
The other issue was indeed the “pining” of the Zoom video so that the HDMI out does not keep switching speaker (video follows audio). Besides which Zoom’s delay in following the speaker is intolerable for recording. Thanks again for the help!

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