Long HDMI for Pocket 4K/6K Control

What is the longest HDMI run anyone has used for both 1080p video and ATEM control signals?

Thank you in advance for any ideas/solutions before BMD makes an HDMI/DualSDI adaptor…


Hi…I haven’t done it myself, but I was researching fiber optic HDMI cables & found this video in which he tests a 250 foot cable & it works - https://youtu.be/C-DwO1QWCvI
Hope that helps…


Thank you as that looks very promising. I am hoping BMD comes up with a Dual SDI to HDMI converter box for long Pocket ATEM work. For awhile it will be the Wild Wild West of Pocket ATEM!


OK, this was for an extreme length I guess, but just for my simple scenario - the 5m long HDMI between the AMP and a Sony A7III, that wouln’t suffer from a degrading signal, right? Right now I’ve got 2m cables and that’s a bit short… Thanks!

@homesick I use 5m HDMI cables to connect my BMPCC4K cameras to the Atem Mini Pro. Works fine.

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I have a Sony NX200 (does 2160p25), tested on a few 5m cables and one 10m, on 5m everything works, on a 10m cable,
when plugged into VideoAssist 4K, it works
when plugged into Intensity 4K it doesn’t work, I need to drop it to 1080p50, then it works
ATEM mini doesn’t work on 1080p50, haven’t tried 720 yet.

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I have 4 of these fibre hdmi which are 30mtrs and they work perfectly.

I use 30m fiber HDMIs on my pocket 4ks all the time and they work great for camera control and tally. Few different brands.