Live streaming + 3 Screen output

Hey there, so I’m trying to find a way to use the atem mini to have 2 cameras and a computer going to a live stream but to also display the live feed to the 3 screen projectors directly from the atem mini or a splitter for our Church. Is this possible? Any suggestions?

To do this you could use the USB output to feed the stream and use the HDMI output to feed the projectors. You would loose the ability to preview the output though. The Atem Mini pro would be better as that would allow you to use the multi view to preview output before making changes.

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Could you take the usb c out into a laptop and run obs or quicktime (movie capture) and output through the laptop hdmi. Or would there be way too much lag?

why not just add a HDMI splitter for the Camera inputs before you go into the AETM Mini?