Live Sound PA with Atem mini pro

Up to this point I’ve been using an ATEM mini pro to livestream. The mic/line in ports have been enough for me to manage my sound needs, and there was no local sound (other than headphones from the multi view monitor).

However I’m trying to come up with a small portable rig that enables live sound during an event.
My typical needs are quite small, usually just to have 1-2 mic’s and be able to play music (think a wedding on the beach for instance). Idealy I’d also have an ‘ambient mic’ from one of the camera’s that ONLY goes to the live stream, but I think that might be stretching it.

I’m really trying to avoid having to carry a full audio mixer as it just adds complication for setup (its a 1 person operation here).

I was considering purchasing the Rode Go II to give me some radio mic’s as they are nice and small and quite flexible (I can plug direct into the ATEM, or into a PC or camera direct)

However I can’t work out a simple solution to manage the sound output to Powered EV PA speakers which take a balanced input.

The best option I can come up with are to plug the mic’s into a PC (which is also used for graphics and playing music) and then output audio via HDMI for the livestream to the ATEM and by a USB audio interface as well for the PA speakers. Or to purchase a very small mixer (which is what I’m trying to avoid carrying).

Has anyone worked out a simple small setup like this? What did you use? to manage live sound?

Here are my suggestions.

As a owner of EV brand speakers for over 20 yrs, your EV speakers are only going to sound good if you give them a professional audio source. That being said a good audio mixer from any reputable brand that has been in the audio industry for years will meet your needs. Brands such as Allen and Heath, Behringer, Mackie, Soundcraft, and Yamaha are the top 5 in the industry.

I would recommend staying away from any audio mixers that were meant for podcasters. They are built that way for a reason.

When choosing the right size audio mixer, keep in mind you may have different needs per each event so getting a little bigger audio mixer will not hurt you down the road should that larger event need it. It is not unusual that an audio port will die at the wrong time (aka in the middle of an event) so extra inputs never hurt.

My mixer of choice has 6 XLR inputs and 4 1/4 inch input channels for other non-microphone gear. Examples of non-microphone gear would be audio from PCs, Instruments, DVD or Blu-Ray Players, PlayoutBee or ATEM Hyperdeck, etc.

So an example setup of this size audio mixer is 3 wireless lav mics (Bride, Groom and Pastor), a wireless handheld mic (Podium or Singer), 2 wired mics (additional singers or instruments or backup) and audio from each PC being used in the non-microphone inputs works very well for wedding ceremonies.

The MOST important feature that the audio mixer must have is to make sure that you have an AUX outputs. The AUX outputs would go to the ATEM and the MAIN output would connect to the powered EV speakers. The mic inputs on the ATEM would need to be set for LINE-IN from the audio mixer.

Good luck and remember you are not only doing live streaming at your events, you are also doing audio for the local audience as well and they need to be controlled separately.

I have had good luck with an HDMI audio extractor.

place it between the switcher and main monitor.
Adapt from 3.5mm to xlr and it should work with your EV spkrs.
be sure your PA and video system are on the same power circuit (or at least on the same phase)
to avoid having to use an audio xformer to get rid of the ground loop hum.

Thanks all, I’m used to quite big setups using things like the Midas M32 in a permanent install or at least for a series of events, I was just hoping to find something smaller/portable for mobile gigs like this that are a single event.

I’m going to try using a computer interface as a once off, but I think I’ll get a small mixer like the Air XR18 for future and work on a suitable size equipment rack to make it easy to deploy.

Thanks for your suggestions.