LIVE Q&A! Trying out NDI Sources with the Blackmagic ATEM Mini PRO

In my upcoming livestream this week I’ll be experimenting with getting NDI sources like Skype or an iPhone into the ATEM Mini!

Visit the video on YouTube and click to get notified when we’re live!

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Great job. That was fun and I had not considered using a BirdDog for Skype. That has to take a lot of the load off of a cpu.

Thanks! I just wish it had actually worked!

NDI over Skype is tough. Sound is the most common issue. I haven’t experienced what happened with John, but I’ve definitely seen the pitfalls of multiple callers and echo.

I think this is why many people are still setting up multiple computers to bring callers in one by one or using Skype TX.

One the upside, you’ve got a great followup video once the kinks are worked out right?

Maybe a silly question, does Skype TX allow better than 720 / 30 feeds from the callers? Seems Skype is preventing anything higher than this at the moment.