Live broadcast with 2/4 split screen overlays

Im trying to achieve this kind of effect in my live stream with multiple guests. I’d also like to be able to cut away to individual shots and come back to the group shot. I’d like to do it all (cute) on the device on the fly since I’m a one man live stream band.

Anyone have any times on how I can achieve this? Or even get close?

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I would use vMix to do this - wonderful software with lots of options like that!

Doing something like that on the ATEM Mini would take so much more gear and headache


It looks like amazing software. What I like about vMix is that it’s a one off payment! What I hate is that it’s window…:disappointed:

OBS is worth looking at, it’s free and multi platform. To control individual videos like that the easiest way is using Skype which allows OBS to pick up each person separately via Skype NDI plugin.


I would also be very happy about a linux version :stuck_out_tongue:

@tim_hughes OBS is great but my goal is to ideally stream from the hardware. This is why I got the pro as opposed to the mini.

You should use additional hardware to add the 4-up view into your stream. Perhaps you could send the HDMI out multiview into another input and then mask off what you don’t want but the signal will be laggy.

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As sugested by others the best way is making the screen layout with a software switcher ( OBS or Vmix ) and take that output to the atem AMP for making the stream. In that way you make best use of both. Software for flexibility and the hardware for reliability.

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To do that in hardware you could either get a Tricaster (if you consider it hardware) or an ATEM that supports supersource (2ME or 4ME or Constellation, I think), not cheap.
There is another way, you could try using Decimator multiview and some additional splitters to do it.

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Check Roland’s VP42H if you need something “cheap”, small and hardware based.
I’m still happy with it.

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