Latency w/multicam, green screen and 2 AMPs

I have a few issues that could use some input:
Big Picture - trying to stream/record a live band w/multicam setup in a green screen room (w/live keying).
My biggest problem is trying to find a iPhone app/config that will give less than 1 sec latency (frosting on the cake if I can use a gimbal). I want to live switch between inputs without glaring sync issues. Have tried Filmic Pro, NDI, OSMO 3 (let’s leave the gimbal prob for later) Mimo, and others.
iPhone SE, BMP 4K, Canon XF400, GoPro, iMac, MBP, 2x AMP - so far I am using AMP 1 for cameras and feeding the output to AMP 2 input one keying over computer videos which are into input two.
Would love some help before I commit to $300+ for Apple TV/Airplay etc.
Thanks in advance,B

So you have tried the NDI monitor on a laptop feeding hdmi to your Amp? With a good lan line connection on that and great wifi for your phone you should get a good signal

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What model iPhone SE the original or the new one I found my old SE didnt have good enough wifi capability

I have the iPhone XS, and when I was using it over NDI, I couldn’t get a realtime feed in the highest quality setting, only the medium quality. I don’t know exactly what those correspond to, whether it’s more compression or a lower resolution or both. I haven’t spent any time tuning my wifi access point at all, so it’s possible I could get some improvements there, but I am sitting only a few feet from it.

I did try NDI, but was unable to get a clean feed. I did just contact NDI NewTek and they said it was possible to remove logo with the NDI HX Camera app (for iPhone) and NDI on the MBP. I will tryout again when I get to the studio. Thanks for the reply Admittedly, I have been acquiring gear a little to fast to thoroughly test each piece adequately before my first shoot (yesterday).

I think it is the new one (purchased in May). I’ll check when I get to the studio. Thanks

Aaron, IN person so to speak. Thanks for all the info. I am an avid watcher of your livestream and have gleaned so much. You are a tremendous asset (Badass!). I have accumulated a similar setup to the one you are using (BMP 4K-AMP #1(camera Ins)-AMP #2 (AMP #1 input one and MBP NASA footage input two). I also use Resolve. All cameras pointed so that the band has green screen walls behind. The keying takes place in AMP #2, that way I can use the ATEM color wheels of individual cameras to make the greens (out of various cameras) more uniform and easier to key. In general Tuesdays session looked super cool, but serious issues with NDI, Filmic Pro, Shoot and especially my cheap imitation Gopro (also with dirty feed, buttons stopped working).

Back to the issue at hand; I just ordered an Apple TV unit and am going to try to follow what you did a couple of months ago. I may chime in to a stream chat and get you to explain this again (now that I will have the equipment in front of me). I have been focused on latency, because I am a drummer and am sensitized to delays as little as 5-10 ms, and also because I hope to have as my main business model bands (live or takes) in a multi-camera shoot w/live switching and DVE for recording and/or streaming. When I saw your demo on the stream (security cam-wifi NDI-Apple TV ???) the latency seemed to be about 3/4 of a second. I would like to get less than a 1/2 second. Some of that delay is probably due to your security cams digesting time. Anyway, will keep in touch about progress and I will look into the quality issue you mentioned. Keep up the great work blangtonclickdark from Oakland!

My wifi router is in the room with us (max distance 25’). I have consciously limited the number of devices on wifi in preparation for this whole setup. I also am the only one on my ISP account (currently 200 Mbs up and down).

Long story/short. Latency issue has been tamed to less than 1/2 second. woo hoo! I received the Apple TV and Live Air solo (w/screen mirroring in iPhone SE). I have had to settle for one of two options; 1 either use iPhone on a stick during live feed to ATEM (w/Live Air/ Solo-wifi-Apple TV-hdmi-AMP) or 2 use w/gimbal and Mimo for B-roll and record on the iPhone w/ no live feed to ATEM. It turns out that my hopes/expectations that I could both record on the iPhone and feed the signal to the ATEM during live green screening streaming/recording, were unrealistic. With the only app with clean feed (Shoot), you can’t record on the iPhone at the same time. All the other apps that I tried (Mimo, NDI HX Camera, Filmic Pro) can record a clean feed on the iPhone, but since they use screen mirroring, you cannot get a clean feed to the ATEM simultaneously. C’est la vie. thanks all for feedback :<)

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What an adventure! I’ve definitely found that changing too many things at once makes it challenging to troubleshoot when things go wrong.