Just finished portablizing my setup

Road case - 23 x 14 x 6
Atem ISO


Looks pretty compact - how’s the heat buildup (if any)? And where does a person find such a case? Thanks.

Note the air intake on the side and vent holes in the panel.
Haven’t had a chance to use it in anger yet, but I don’t see a problem.
Found the case on Ebay $100.
Harmony HCLUC 22" x 13" x 5-3/8" Pick & Pluck Foam Utility Locking Case

Thanks for the further info, Dave. Looks like a great DIY project! I’m assuming you must have some metal working tools and skills? How is your power switch hooked up? Is your top lid strut attached outside the case permanently? If you have the time, what is the measurement of the black area between the metal top/bottom on the bottom portion of the case? hope I’m not bugging you, just got me revved up about this idea!

Wow Amazing ! Possible to have the 3d plan of the case printed 3d of the atem ? Thanks

The face plate is bent aluminum sheet metal painted black. No printing involved,

Used it friday for a live stream. Worked perfect. So happy.


Thats great! Whats your option for remote online internet connection?

I always hardwire to the ‘venue’s’ router; I have a 150’ cable.
Note the ethernet sockets on the side.

Isn’t it always the power bricks that get in the way of an elegant wiring scheme!

Eventually, I will replace all the bricks and power strips with a 12v power supply. Probably save some weight in the process. All of the devices run on 12v or USB 5v.


How do you find using it for a stream? I am planning a build but think having it in the case will make it uncomfortable to work at? We do a lot of live music streams and have plenty of switching to do.

I’ve used it once so far, and it was fine. I set up on a height adjustable keyboard stand, which lets me adjust for different situations. I actually thought about making a fold out arm support, but I think it will be fine. The biggest advantage is about an hour less setup and lots less to put away. You just plug in power, the cameras, the laptop and the webs, and you’re good to go. Any odd configurations can be pre-set at the shop.

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I very much like your diagram for wiring!

Thanks, Color coding rocks!
Getting ready to replace the 13" monitor with a 15" with better color.
I am considering making some HDMI connector panels for sale to the DIY case people.
Any interest?

Here’s the Uperfect 15" monitor installed. Much improved color and image.

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@dkgcnc1 You seem to have the same headphone amp which I just got hold of. I tried it the other day setting up a stream and I got really bad noise from it, like unusable rhythmic sounds and stuff. I was powering off 5V - have you had any problems? I couldn’t use it. Need to test all the options properly but was very shocked it was so bad.

Mine is OK. It’s not HiFi by any means, I just needed more volume for cheap. I may get something better eventually.