July 31 - Blackmagic ATEM Update Again!

Mark your calendars! Blackmagic is at it again with another ATEM switcher update!

I’m really hoping for something in the middle tier this time since I don’t really have a use for the Constellation 8K and already have too many ATEM Minis!

Maybe an update to the Television Studio HD to bring streaming and webcam capture into it?


Would love to see an update in the ATEM Television Studio HD price range. Need me some scalers!

Would also like to see the Studio Camera line revised with a micro four thirds or larger sensor and better low light sensitivity.

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I expect to see camera converters 4k
(just after I bought TVS, TVS HD came out, and not a month after I bought mini, pro came out. I just bought some camera converters…)

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I can’t believe they introduced another ATEM Mini!! “How can we get people (besides Aaron) to buy 3 switchers in one year?” And that ATEM mini still doesn’t have Program out and Multiview out via HDMI.

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I will say I’m surprised they kept the same ports in the back for this update! Seems like it would have been a good opportunity to add another port for a second HDMI out!

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I guess one option would be to get the ATEM Streaming Bridge for a Program Feed to HDMI or SDI.

This ISO recording is a slightly tempting feature for me. I presume there is no way to use the USB-C as the webcam out and also use the recording to hard-disk feature? I need to stream a few events over Zoom (not my choice) but having the individual camera recordings would be very useful.

SD cards in the cameras is of course a work around, but the timecode / project file creation looks great.

I think you are right.

I wished they would have added a headphone jack with the possibility to self monitor without the audio delay effect or monitor with the delay effect

Extra hdmi port out for program out

Don’t worry they’ll announce that model in 2 weeks :joy:

Am really excited about the ISO and the new workflow with Davinci pro - already placed my order. (So yes, there are actually some BMD fanboys who buy 3 versions of a device within a year :sweat_smile: )

Not so impressed by the new streaming bridge, however. Am I missing something or did they just reinvent something like the NDI decoder, only proprietary and with p2p streaming instead of broadcast? Also it seems you can only stream to Youtube etc OR your local streaming bridge, not both.

It’s an interesting development. I guess there wouldn’t be a way to access the recordings as they are happening with a separate computer to utilise the recording for instant replays for sporting events?

They did mention they added an FTP server to it so you should be able to pull the recordings off somewhat real time. I’m guessing you’d need to stop recording first though.

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Is it proprietary? Didn’t watch the video but looking at the specs page, I’d hope it’s a rtmp server.

They didn’t mention specifically but I think it’s a generic RTMP server! That’s the first thing I’m gonna try when I get it

Well, I assumed it was proprietary from the presentation. He would only ever talk about “the AMP connecting” to the server. Looking forward to your first report @aaronpk

Yeah I was noticing that too. Could be either because it’s proprietary or because they don’t have any other products that can stream to it and they don’t wanna encourage people to buy other devices. Which now that I think about it could also be a sign that they might add streaming encoders to other switcher models soon too.

I know there likely isn’t room left in the form factor, but I almost would have rather seen a second usb-c to allow recording and webcam simultaneously vs. a second HDMI out. At this point that seems like a higher demand.

Imagine sending someone a mini pro and a pocket 4k…then interviewing them over zoom while adjusting settings on the pocket 4k via the mini.

well if you’re sending them a pocket 4K then you’d be recording on that instead of on the ATEM right? right now the software doesn’t let you tell the camera to record unless the ATEM can record too, but it seems like it should at least be possible for them to add that feature in a firmware update! basically enable the “record” button even if there’s no disk, where it just sends the record command to the camera

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@aaronpk I was hoping that would be in this update. I’m wondering though if this isn’t a Canon-esque move…as in crippling a feature so you buy a more expensive camera. I’m betting over time some of the Pro sales will be purely from the convenience of hitting record from their controls.

I personally bought one for that very reason…even though I’m only doing virtual stuff until there is a vaccine. But would I have bought it if there was an option in software to hit record on the pocket from the original mini? Maybe not.