Job title for the person operating a live video switcher?

The world is obviously changing fast between the pace of technology and the state of the world pushing more people to work remotely and do things online (ie: live streaming).

If I have someone else managing a live stream where I am the “talent” and they are controlling the Atem Mini or equivalent video switcher but also probably monitoring the status of the stream (buffer/dropped frames/dropped connection) what is their job title in video industry lingo?

I find there are a lot of well established job titles in the industry that professional video folks seem to use. My naive assumption would be something like a “Producer”, but apparently it is well established in the industry that a producer is the person who supplies production financing and therefor has influence over how things are done - but doesn’t actually do the work (and an executive producer is even more hands off and may just be an honorary title for sponsors who supported the production - ie: patreon patrons on YouTube). I’ve heard Curtis Judd refer to his “helper” as a “Producer” before (perhaps just a family member, but helping him with live streams none the less).

Looking at wikipedia, I’d hazard a guess as “DP” or directory of photography if they are selecting the best camera angle at various times, etc.

Anyone else have a thought on modern live streaming video professional job titles?

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a “Technical Director” would be your switcher operator as well as they could have other roles. The ‘director’ on a larger production would be somebody calling the shots to your technical director as well as many other things.

Technical Director:
A-1 or Audio or Audio Technician:


Based on that video, “Technical Director” sounds spot on! It just wasn’t in the wikipedia list I was looking at.

Curious if anyone else will chime in to confirm or suggest an alternative!

Depending on your role and the size of the crew with you, AV tech may be appropriate.

Typically a Technical Director is respnsible/oversees ALL the tech on a show/event/stream.

Definately do not call yourself DP :slight_smile: