Issue with second ZV-1 and Atem Mini

Is there a known issue with the ZV-1’s HDMI and Atem inputs other than 1? Starting to use a second ZV-1 as an overhead and it won’t reliably have an image plugged into inputs 2-4 of my Mini Iso (audio is fine). If I plug it into input 1 of my OG Mini and then take that Atem’s HDMI out into the Iso the camera works fine.

Changing the ZV-1’s HDMI framerate has no effect. What dumb thing am I overlooking?

Here is a link to the ZV-1 help information about proper resolution.

The ATEM is telling you, if you do not see the video, that it does not auto detect the resolution properly and you will have to give the ATEM a little help.

2 things to remember:

  1. Port 1 on the ATEM Mini models (doing some assuming with you only mentioning ATEM) is a “special port” that will not only sync the frame rate for all of the items connected to the inputs and

  2. Can also to be used for low latency to the HDMI output, initially meant for gamers, and allows for other non-standard video resolutions to be by the item connected to the port.

My suggestion is to choose using the instructions, to set the output resolution on the camera to 1080p mode as the ATEM mini models max out at 1080p60 resolution. You may have to use another port rather than port 1 as well as a backup suggestion.

Good luck and I hope this information is useful.

Yes, the HDMI output is set to 1080p. I’ve tried both 24 and 60 frame output with no change.

The only other suggestions I have (I do not own this camera nor would I ever use this camera) is to:

a) Hookup the camera to a TV to make sure a TV can see your HDMI output, the TV should tell you the resolution that is being used when the TV and camera did their negotiations for resolution and frame rate. If the camera does not work on the TV you may have to reset the camera back to factory defaults (if the model of camera has such functionality).

b) Reset the ATEM to factory defaults to make sure that it is not a setting that is preventing both units from understanding each other.

c) Call your dealer or the Sony support line to speak with a customer service rep as your camera may be faulty.

Good luck and I hope this information is useful.