Issue with Custom streaming server

Hi Guys,

Hope someone can help me with this issue. For a project for a customer, we need to stream to their own custom RTMP adress. I have been streaming to custom RTMP adresses before, but cant make this one work.

The Streaming URL i got from them looks like this:


I have tried various options of putting the complete URL in the XML, or only the URL in the XML and more or less parts of the last bit in the Stream key field. But whatever i try, the Atem just keeps blinking on air without going steady red and the timer starting.

I have tried streaming to another Customer RTMP that looks like this: rtmp://“URL”/live/“STREAMKEY” Without issues.

And i have tested the URL of the Customer in OBS, and that works. So i also know the RTMP they gave me is working.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to make this work?

It’s possible ATEM has problems with escaping characters in URL, I’ll test tomorrow.
If that is the problem the solution (other than reporting a bug and waiting for a patch) is to use OBS or stream through a rtmp proxy / restreaming service.

I suspect the ATEM doesn’t know how to add the query string properties. Maybe try this:

Server URL: rtmp://URL:1935/app
Stream key: STREAMKEY?policy=KEY&signature=KEY

If that doesn’t work, then I think the suggestion of using a restream service is the best.

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