Issue with Apple TV HDMI to ATEM Mini Pro ISO


I have an ATEM Mini Pro ISO with a Seetec ATEM156 monitor. Running cameras through the seetec HDMI ports 1,2, and 3. Port 4 I am connecting my MAC Book, Apple TV 4K, and Hyperdeck via an HDMI Switcher. (Which works fine before using the seetec)

Everything shows up on the Seetec just fine but the atem will not show the Apple TV neither on the program feed or multi view. If I connect it directly to the atem it does show just fine…

I have tried all the resolution settings in the Apple TV and it will flicker on the program feed and multi view but then go back to a black screen.

The Apple TV always shows up fine on the seetec. I can connect my computer, and all my other cameras no issue to port 4 and they will all show on the program and multi view no issue.

I have tried different cables, short cables, etc. It’s not the cables.

Any ideas?



I’d try putting a spitter in front of the switcher so that the Apple TV always sees an active input. That solved some issues I had with Apple devices.

I suspect the most likely reason is HDCP (HDMIs copyright protection). If you are trying to play any movie/TV Show, then this will cause issues with devices that do not support HDCP.
To support picture on HDMI with HDCP all devices in the signal chain must support it, which the BMD Atem Mini does not, whilst the Seetec and HDMI Switcher before the Seetec both do.
It should still work for things like the NDI receiver app though?

In my experience devices like the Apple TV don’t switch between HDCP and not encrypted dynamically, it’s done during the HDMI handshake and then locked in.

What’s happening is the Seetec monitor advertises that it supports HDCP so the Apple TV starts sending an HDCP signal, and then when the Seetec monitor outputs the passthru signal to the ATEM it’s encrypted and can’t see it.

If you plug the Apple TV in to the ATEM directly, the ATEM says it does not support HDCP and the Apple TV does not encrypt the signal and everything is fine.

(The ChromeCast always sends HDCP so doesn’t work with the ATEM Mini unless there’s something between them to strip the HDCP)

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