ISO Recording Names Not Changing

Has anyone else with an ISO had a problem with the ATEM not taking the name of the recording, but keeping a previous one? This is three times now where it makes a new folder inside the previous one and then keeps the old name but puts a new number at the end. To be clear - what I’m doing is recording a dance group, they do multiple takes of a dance and then move onto the next one. I don’t want to do continuous recording because it’s easier in editing to multiple takes to look at and there is sometimes a long period of time between takes. The second time this happened, it did not create a .drp file and it put all of the recordings into another folder, I guess thinking that it was all the same one. Today when I recorded, between each take I unplugged the harddrive and then plugged it back in, this made it put everything into different folders, but it just kept the same name as the first one and then put a sequential number after it for each new folder/take. Anyone have this happen to them or suggestions on how to fix it? It seems like a bug.

I have experienced something like this before but I’m not sure if its the same issue/solution.

Basically what I found is that after you type in the new name, you must make sure you click outside of the text window or it will revert to the last name.

Not sure if this is your issue, hopefully it helps.

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Interesting :thinking: I’ll totally try that. Never thought about the box. Thanks

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I’ve had this, but it was my own fault for a different reason than @JFBillups mentions.

In my case, I had Companion setting the record name and starting the recording. I changed the name in the Atem software and forgot that if I clicked record with my Campanion button it would overwrite the recording name.

Just a thought in case you also setup a macro or companion to start recording…

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