iOS Video Clip Player

Hello. I’m just getting started with live video. I’ve secured an ATEM Mini. I have several cameras I’ll be capturing events with and I’d like to use one input for playback of video clips from my iPad/iPhone.

While the HyperDeck Studio Mini is appealing, it’s a bit more powerful than what I need and I’m hoping I can find an iOS app that can do pretty much what I need. Of course it won’t be able to do Auto Roll, but, I’ll just have to live with it.

I’ve done some searching on the iOS App Store but most of the video players I’ve found are geared towards people that want a way to watch ripped/torrented DVD/Blu-Ray movies.

I’m specifically looking for a clip player that has these attributes/abilities. Some of them are nice-to-haves and some can actually be (at least partially) achieved with iOS settings, but it would be nice to not have have to.

  1. Device Sleep is disabled
  2. Video orientation when connected via HDMI is always landscape
  3. HDMI output is always clean, at least while in playback (notifications are suppressed, accidental taps on the touchscreen don’t pop playback UI, etc)
  4. Playlist capability (would like to build a list of clips for an event that can be pulled from the main video library and then ordered as fit)
  5. Each video in playlist has separate controls for: loop on end, progress to next video on end, freeze-frame on end
  6. Big chunky UI for play/pause/scrub
  7. Ideally works on both iPhones and iPads
  8. Extra bonus points if it has some kind of MIDI or OSC control, then I might be able to hack up an “Auto-Rollesque” capability.

I’m working on doing something similar to this by running OBS from a Compute Stick and Companion as the control surface.

Unfortunately the Companion OBS plugin is not yet up to the task, but I may be able to help since it’s a really well maintained project written in node.

I searched around a bit for “video cue” apps and found this:

I haven’t actually tried it yet but it looks like it might do the job!


I just downloaded the free trial version and it checks almost all of your boxes!

It doesn’t support scrubbing videos, but it does have playlists, settings on each clip to control pause/loop on end, and even MIDI control.

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Thanks for the tip on iMix16 @aaronpk!

I downloaded the trial version and it does seem pretty feature packed.

One problem that I haven’t found a way around yet:

With either fit to screen or fill screen option a 16:9 video always seems to get scaled down to fit into the action-safe crop which leaves a black frame around the video. I tried with multiple clips and the result was the same each time. When playing the same video clips directly from the iPad Camera Roll I don’t have this problem.

Have you tried it yet?

Maybe it’s a possibility that this is an intentionally added incentive to pay for the pro version to remove this issue but I’m worried this is a bug or worse, as designed, for reasons beyond my comprehension.

It’s seemingly an incredibly powerful app, I haven’t mucked around with the MIDI or OSC control yet but that definitely could be fun.

I didn’t actually have it connected to an external display when I tried it, but I noticed in the description it said it supports external displays (not mirroring), which led me to believe you wouldn’t have that problem with the black bars.

A few screengrabs of my multiview to illustrate the problem (preview is where the action is)

A video playing directly from my iOS Camera roll looks great, no scaling/cropping/pillarboxing/letterboxing

A video playing from iMix16 shows the video getting scaled down. Notice it’s not getting cropped, the entire image is present just scaled down to fit within the action-safe (or is it title-safe?) area.

The eBay app shows a 4:3 app getting pillarboxed because it’s getting mirrored from the iPad (4:3 built in display).

I’m hoping this is just user error and I just haven’t found the setting to remedy this problem yet. I would gladly pay the price for the Pro version of the app if I knew this wouldn’t be an issue.

camera_roll iMix pillars

I just opened up the free version on my iPad and the dialog prompting me to buy the pro version popped up, so I read it and noticed this:

So I’m 99% sure that the pro version will work like expected!

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Dang it. I gambled with the Pro version and the situation is the same.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t an issue related to mirroring because the image going out over the Lighting connector isn’t 4:3 with pillars.

I tried using a different iPad in case I had a weirdness with my 12.9" iPad Pro and the results were the same.

Well, now that I’d paid for it I’m wondering if I can get support from the developer.

Looks like it’s been reported in their forums too but the developer isn’t aware of an issue

Seems like the main usecase for this app is for connecting to a projector. Maybe many/most projectors automatically scale the video back up so this isn’t noticed?

That’s really strange, it looks like the Pro version is supposed to detect the external display and use it as an external display, whereas normally the iPad HDMI out will be a mirror of the iPad screen which isn’t 16:9. Now I’m tempted to get the pro version and try this myself too. (Also you can usually email apple and request a refund on an app purchase within a day of buying it.)

For clarity: the experience is the same with both the Pro and Go versions, neither are mirroring. I believe the term is “extended”. The iMix Pro UI is still present on the iPad while the (scaled down) video is playing on the external display (or in my case, my ATEM Mini).

I verified the experience is the same when connected directly to a display rather than the ATEM Mini.

I also installed iMix16 Go app on my work iPad Pro, which is a newer one with USB-C and it has the same problem.


Yep, same experience here. I also posted on that forum thread so we’ll see if we get any response.


A follow up here. The developer was able to reproduce the issue and very quickly fixed it and released a new version of the app.

I’ve been prepping a production that involves a lot of MIDI / OSC / Macro automation and the iMix16 Pro app has been working great.

Really wish I could ditch the OSC part (requires two separate MIDI->OSC and OSC->ATEM bridge apps to be open). Would be so nice if the ATEM Mini had RTP-MIDI (MIDI via Ethernet)


This app is awesome. A bit quirky but does everything I need! Music cues, sfx cues, roll ins, lower thirds, playlists… It really does take the ATEM Mini (and my ATEM HD Studio) to another level! Thanks Aaron and Nate!


Hi Nate, can you confirm if this problem has been solved? What version are you using? imix 16 pro? I have tried the free version and I still have the problem with the borders on both sides of the screen. Thanks for your reply!