Inventory controll

I am starting a new a new job where I will be in charge of ordering a bunch of equipment for our employees to use . Cameras, lenses, drones, atems. Does anyone here use a inventory system to track their gear?

Try Doug’s Video Production Management Software website:

There are different paid options.

Are you a mac user? Do you use numbers spreadsheets? If so, you can create a numbers document with two sheets: 1. a data sheet containing one table with records in rows, and 2,. an ID sheet with a two column table with number for each piece of gear in column one and the name of the gear in column two. You can connect the two sheets using the lookup formula. It’s not too difficult. Numbers has a category breakout feature similar to an exel pivot table, which can breakout categories you assign in the data sheet. You can make a third sheet and configure a report to grab data from the data sheet but that involves more formulas and is somewhat challenging if you don’t enjoy spreadsheets and formulas.

There are a few YouTube videos on making an inverntory system that can also generate invoices etc if you ate in the small company region.

Most of the large companies use Rentalpoint. We use RP v12 I believe.