Introducing MixEffect, a new app to control ATEM switchers on iOS

Hey everyone! I wanted to share the announcement of my upcoming app, MixEffect, a professional tool for controlling Blackmagic ATEM switchers from your iPhone or iPad.

MixEffect’s familiar interface gives you quick access to switcher control, macros, media, audio, SuperSource, streaming, recording, editing palettes, customizable layouts, and much more.

For a complete description of features, visit:

If you want to try out MixEffect before its release later this month, there will be a public beta available via Apple’s TestFlight program next week. Sign up for the MixEffect Newsletter to get on the list.


awesome! just subscribed, cant wait to try:)

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Let me know if you received the beta invite. It should have come along with the welcome email after you signed up for the newsletter.

Looks like a nice app! Unfortunately, I’m not an iPad/iPhone user… Android over here. :slight_smile:

But nice to see a mobile app. I’m sure some of the mobile streaming people on here will be interested.

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just used it a bit yesterday and seems great at first glance. will have time to spend on it more next week, but congrats on the beta launch of a useful and convenient app! pleased that I could use my ipad instead of my laptop if desired.

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And if you have one, your iPhone too. Note that there appears to be a max limit of 5 devices connected to an individual ATEM switcher. Here’s a video of me with four iOS devices and my Mac.


Hi Adam,

Sofar it looks awesome! only thing i am sort of missing(not sure if it is possible) is Hyperdeck support. That would be awesome.

I will do more testing later. Is there anything i can help you with testing/trying as a beta tester?

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Thanks for sharing here on the forum! I’ve been playing with the beta a little and excited to play some more with it. Nice work!

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HyperDeck support will come once I get an actual HyperDeck to test against.

What kind of ATEM are you using? Can you look at SuperSource if you have a compatible-switcher? I am using an ATEM Mini Pro, so some things, I have been coding blind and only based on the BM API.

Also test importing your Streaming.xml file into MixEffect. Setting default profiles and saved stream keys. Refer to the docs, as there are some things you need to keep in mind: Live Stream | MixEffect

Thanks for testing!

Thank you! And congrats on the announcement of your SuperSource presets. Let me know if you’d like to chat about this on a future video. I need to start making some of my own for MixEffect, but have been super busy on the development end.

Cheers for that! And yes, it’s on my todo list already to mention it in a video or show on the live show. Just need to get my schedule together a little better!

Hi Adam,

Perfect. I have an Atem mini extreme ISO as well as a mini pro ISO. Maybe we can have some 1:1 talk to discuss what points to test and feedback?

We can certainly do that. I’m hard at work getting this ready for release, but I do like the idea of having a Zoom conference with users, either in group or one on one.

Look ma! No hands! Using my upcoming app MixEffect with Siri Shortcuts on iOS 14 to control an ATEM Mini Pro. #MixEffect


Looks awesome. I just signed up; thanks!

Hi Atow,

i will PM you. I have a mini extreme iso, so i can test specific features and feedback to you if you want:)

i noticed last week super source settings are not working for instance.

Question - Do you have to buy a new copy for each device, or can you buy one copy for all devices on one Apple Account?
e.g. Mac mini M1 and iPad.

As long as you’re using the same Apple ID for App Store purchases on each device, it will work. You may have to use the Restore Purchases button on the second device, since the purchase receipt is not on it yet.

Family Sharing is currently NOT supported. It’s something I may offer in the future, but not at the moment.

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