Interview layout with 2 cameras and background

Hi everyone. I’m attaching an image of an interview setup I’d like to replicate. Two cameras and a background.
It’s possible doing it with the ATEM Mini Pro?
Thanks for your input guys.

It not possible with one ATEM. If combine your ATEM Mini pro with a ATEM mini (or any of the ATEM mini pro or iso) you can get close to that. Basically you need two upsteam keyers to be able to do that

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Hi Tim, I really don’t get it haha. In he first atem I send the background upstream to one channel of the second atem where I add another upstream with the 2 camera angles and finally where I send the stream?
Or maybe taking the signal from the first Atem to OBS reframe the two cameras and take that to the second Atem.
Or wait, I’d need one Atem to set the first upstream with the mask of the first camera and connected to the second Atem with another mask with the second camera to unify the two angles. Is it possible?
Also each Atem should be controlled from an independent laptop?

Have a look at this video. If you use a second camera source rather than “slides” you can see how easy it is. Also the guy in the video, John Barker goes into more details on his web site / blog on how to set it all up.

I hope this helps you.

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This is actually possible with one single Atem Mini Pro with a few caviats.
I just took this catpture from my Atem while testing

To do this I created the “background” with the two transparent fields and put that on top with the DSK (Downstream key)
Then I used the DVE on the USK to crop and possition CAM2 into the right frame and just moved CAM1 to get the framing of the left frame right.

It’s not pretty, but it works as long as you can controll the framing of atleast one of the physical cameras :smiley: